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About YPII


YPII objectives

The overall objective of YPII is to achieve the meaningful inclusion of Youth as “agenda setters” in the run up to the 5th AU-EU Summit.

Who's involved in the project

YPII is a project initiated by the European Union and the African Union, lead by 36 Youth Fellows representing both continents and the diaspora.

YPII Mandate

The mandate of the YPII is to provide a platform for African and European Youth so that they identify common deliverables to be brought forward for State Leaders at the 5th AU-EU Summit and beyond.

Didier Drogba - Official supporter of the AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative

Didier Drogba supports the Youth Plug-In Initiative. The Youth Plug-In Initiative brings together 18 Europeans and 18 Africans to act as youth ambassadors for the 5th AU EU Summit. The youth ambassadors will present their ideas to improve the futures of Africans and Europeans alike to global leaders at the Summit.


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    October 27 - November 5 : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    The Youth Fellows will meet AU officials and stakeholders to gather Africa focused information in addition to meeting stakeholders and experts linked to the six thematic topics.

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    6-11 November : Brussels, Belgium

    The YPII Youth Fellows will spend several days meeting EU officials and stakeholders to further their knowledge of EU affairs. In addition, the Business cluster will spend two days in Luxembourg meeting European Investment Bank officials.

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    The 36 Youth Fellows will be split into their clusters, working both in Addis Ababa and Brussels, focusing on producing relevant articles, papers and conclusions linked to the six thematic topics.

  • Youth Agenda Presentation
    27 - 30 NOVEMBER: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    The 36 Youth Fellows will regroup all together in Abidjan to present the Youth Agenda with their solutions for a more sustainable world to European and African leaders during the 5th EU-Africa Summit.