About YPII


YPII objectives

In order to achieve the Youth Plug-In Initiative objectives, the 36 Youth Fellows will undertake a series of phases.  

Having taken part in the 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit and the drafting of the Youth Declaration, the Youth Fellows (African, European and Diaspora) will plug into AU and EU centric topics.They will meet AU officials and stakeholders in Addis Ababa and delve into the EU institutions in Brussels.They will then gather in cluster groups to focus on specific topics: Business & Job Creation, Culture, Sports & Arts,Education & Skills, Environment & Climate Change, Governance & Political Inclusion, Peace & Security.

Through these meetings, networking moments and information gathering, the Youth Fellows will then draft the Youth Agenda to be endorsed by State Leaders at the 5th EU-Africa Summit.  


Who's involved in the project

The 36 Youth Fellows have been selected from the group of 150 participants at the 4th Youth Summit (9-11 October).

This selection was done based on a series of criteria, with a focus on their expertise, proven results, networks and understanding of the six thematic cluster topics.

Each driven by a desire to change things in their countries and across continents, their achievements and experiences will enable them to proactively drive the YPII and set the tone for the drafting of the Youth Agenda.

These Youth Fellows will act as ambassadors for European and African youth.


YPII Mandate

The YPII mandate is to build upon the Youth Declaration and enable the 36 Youth Fellows to participate in the elaboration of an ambitious, yet realistic, set of messages, recommendations and deliverables to be endorsed by State and Government Leaders.

This is a unique opportunity for young people in Europe and Africa to be part of the decision-making processes of both continents, as well as a key vector of visibility for the institutions’ efforts to include young voices in sustainable development dialogues.